Dr. Jason Moore earned his Bachelors Degree in Science from the University of North Texas and obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2006 from Parker College. Dr. Moore currently resides in Fort Worth with his wife, Amanda, two daughters, and their boxer, Sugar.

Dr. Moore entered the field of Chiropractic Care as a result of his passion to help people pursue alternative treatments for illness and injury. He is committed to addressing his patients needs with compassion and integrity.   His goal is to promote total well being.


Dr. Moore offers a variety of adjustment techniques that support the bodies natural ability to heal itself including Active Release Therapy, Diversified, Websters, Thompson, and Activator Technique. He also specializes in muscle rehabilitation and pediatrics.


Active Release Therapy addresses the problems within muscles, tendons and ligaments due to chronic overuse or direct injury.   Often chronic overuse or direct injuries can cause scar tissue and adhesions to form causing reduced flexibility and associated pain.  In addition, blood flow begins to diminish and the muscles are no longer nourished.  Active Release techniques allow the chiropractor to break down  these adhesions and improve blood flow to these restricted areas.  Many patients experience pain relief and improved function after a course of treatment appropriate to their condition.